Your Kitchen Sink

Ever since I was old enough to understand that you simply weren't just born into a home - that your parents had to buy it, it had to built and that you could make some of the integral, internal decisions I became obsessed with the idea of finding, creating and dreaming up my 'home'.  From day one, one of the biggest and most valuable aspects of any home to me was - the kitchen sink. 

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It's the background that will be laced into every memory of bathing your first born, the view that you'll have while you scrub the yellow paint from the bed of your nails at 2am after you spent all night painting stars onto the ceiling of your nursery. It's the back drop you'll become accustom to while you're baking, getting on perfectly filled cup of water for your home made soup and then later cleaning the dishes of your husbands dinner plates. The view you'll have to give you patience as you scrape the dirt and glitter sown into the skin of your toddlers hands after a day of arts and crafts. The background of the moment where you pause, take a sip of red wine and listen to Dolly playing out on your record player after a long day. It's the view you will have while you clean the icing bags for birthday parties year after year. It's the backdrop to all of the moments and memories tangled up with your kitchen sink. 

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