Welcome! I mean, I've already said that right? I guess I'm nervous.  I have in a way been doing 'this' for years. I blogged myself for about a year, and then after seeing the negative side of a few companies that I used to spend my life idolising - I decided this world wasn't for me. So I went undercover so to speak. I started teaching myself graphic design, ghost writing and teaching people how to not only build their own 'Brand' but also - how to write. I know what you're thinking, so this should be coming to me right? Well; I hope it will. Like I said for so many years this has been about other people and for once, Middle Of The Bed is about me. 

That means putting my thoughts, feelings and image right back out there onto the firing line and in a way I'm excited. I've had a - to put it lightly turbulent last year and if that didn't knock me out the ring; I'm not sure anything will. So, if you're still reading - I really hope you enjoy what you find here. 

This is - 'Middle Of The Bed'

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